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5 ways to have the best time at home

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These days we are experiencing one of the most unique events of the whole history!

We all are forced to stay home and don’t move. I know, it doesn’t seem that good at first glance, especially for those who like socializing and outdoor activities. Let’s think thou, are there any other options? Ummm, No! Then, we got to save these days somehow!

For the first week of quarantine, My brain was confused, it woke me up at 7 AM and forced me to check the traffic, weather and my work email. I was following news, talking and chatting with others, telling them how worried I was and worried about our grocery supply.

On the 7th day, I realized I was wasting my precious God-given days off and started writing a list that I’m sharing with you below.

1- Stop following news

I know there’s a temptation in checking international, national…

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5 ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19

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It’s been almost 3 months that our life is all about Corona Virus, its potential life-threatening and horror stories!

Let’s be honest, everyone’s scared but some of us are great at pretending while others aren’t. It’s totally fine either way, we’re only human, nothing supernatural, it doesn’t matter if we are a father, mother or some kind of an idol. How we act is important!


1-be hygienic

It’s not that hard! Just don’t touch your face when you’re out, take a shower when you come back home and don’t get close to people! And when washing your hands, scrub them well against each other with soap and wash them for 20 seconds, that’s like singing “We will, We will Rock you” four times.






2-Stay at home

For the very first time in mankind’s history, we don’t have to participate in a war or…

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5 Best Little-Known Shows on NETFLIX

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Netflix is an ocean of movies and shows. Some of the shows are too popular that makes us not to notice there are a lot of good things in there which only didn’t have the chance to show up as much as the big ones.

1-Rilakkuma and Kaoru

This Asian animation is about a single lady who’s living with 3 teddy bears in her apartment. she has a stressful job, almost no money and a lot of challenges to deal with every day.

Her life makes you relate to her, like a period in every single person’s life.

Availability: Netflix Everywhere



This mysterious TV show is so good that I don’t want to spoil anything for you, Just watch the first episode and you can’t stop. This is one of those shows that makes your Netflix subscription worth it.


Availability: Netflix Everywhere

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5 ways to maintain your weight while staying at home

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Almost all of us are stuck at home for our safety. Staying at home means almost no walking, no exercise and overeating! Yes, you’re not the only one who’s eating more, it’s most of us!

Just because we are getting limited, doesn’t mean we have to gain weight!

Let’s see what the options are.


Yes, it’s that fun and easy! Did you know that dancing is far more effective than walking? You don’t have to know how to dance tho! Although there are tons of dance training videos on youtube, all you have to do is to play a catchy beat and move your body 15 minutes a day. If it’s hard, start by 5 minutes or split it to 5 minutes, three times a day.

2-Change your snacks

Eating potato chips? Change it with coconut chips!

Eating cheese Puffs? Change it with nuts like Almond and walnut.


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4 FREE Websites to teach your children at home

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These quarantine days are hard for all of us, especially for children. Although some of them have online classes while some others don’t and it is stressful both for them and their parents.

In this post, we will introduce you 4 websites that offer free learning for children from Kindergarten to 6th Grade.


BrainPOP teaches a variety of subjects but its specialty is science.

Because of the Coronavirus, they are offering FREE ACCESS to everyone, so get your code right away and let your children learn science in a fun way!

2-Starfall Education

Starfall is for children from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade.

Your children can learn how to read in English from the basics with fun games.

My friend’s children learned reading English by this website and now these 4 years old and 5 years old can both read and have an understanding of Math.

3-Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs

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5 ways to sleep faster and easier

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Sleeping and eating are the most common

One of the most common problems among adults is not being able to sleep, so-called “Insomnia”.

It’s not like the Coronavirus! There are very simple and easy ways to have a faster and easier sleeping time.

1-Adjust the temperature

Temperature is almost the most important factor for sleeping!

The recommended room temperature is 60–75°F (15–23°C) but that doesn’t apply to everyone. Some people prefer colder while some others like almost everyone in my family (except me) prefer it to be as hot as possible.

If you cannot adjust your room’s temp, change your clothes according to your preferences.

2-have a schedule

The human body is exactly like a machine and has a specific setting and schedule for everything.

It’s mandatory to have an exact time for sleeping and waking up. It would not be easy at first, but you have to force yourself into…

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5 top Stand up comedy channels on YouTube to watch

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Most of us are stuck at home and got plenty of time to spend on YouTube.

Stand up comedy is one of the most straight ways to laugh and be happy these days.

We gathered top 5 channels for you to watch today.

1-Laugh Factory

This channel is hilarious. I’ve been addicted to it for a few years so far.

They bring top comedians from different ethnicity who make fun of variety of things.

They usually post 6 videos per week but there are tons of videos to enjoy at least for a month!


2-Just for laugh GAGS

You’ve already seen a lot of their videos. Their specialty is in their unique ways to prank people!


3-Jeff Dunham

Jeff has been in the industry for countless years.

Enjoy his videos on YouTube as well.



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