Avocado Toast and Pork Belly — Live2EatEat2Live Blog

The Mouse finally got to try Egghead Cafe. Used to be located where parking was an issue. Moved near the warehouse. Made a Costco run yesterday (the warehouse is currently located really close to Costco). The Mouse picked up late “brunch” after. Avo corn toast: avocado corn spread, basil aioli, paprika, added soft scrambled egg. […]

Avocado Toast and Pork Belly — Live2EatEat2Live Blog

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Tout – #YDWordPrompt August 2, 2020

Your Daily Word Prompt

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Today’s Word:  Tout

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verb (used without object)

  • to solicit business, employment, votes, or the like, importunately.
  • Horse Racingto act as a tout.

verb (used with object)

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