12 homemade recipes with honey and cinnamon — magicandbeauty

1. Against germs in the bile and urinary tract: in a glass of warm water mix two large spoons of cinnamon powder and one small spoon of honey. Drink the drink every day. The drink destroys microbes in the bile and bladder. 2. Against acne and pimples on the skin: make a paste of honey […]

12 homemade recipes with honey and cinnamon — magicandbeauty

.the window cleaner. — sonja benskin mesher

noticed a change in colourof pace he walked with his bikemost folk ride it used to be a railway lineflat and straight he returned back past mesaid he forgot something further down the trackthe bike was proppedby a tree waiting while sparrows muddled in the dust cattle reached for the lower branches leaves are changing […]

.the window cleaner. — sonja benskin mesher