Recipe Post: Vegetable Cottage Pie — BirdHouse Diaries

This recipe is close to a beef cottage pie (usually called a shepherd’s pie by my family, even though there’s no lamb in it), but this is obviously meatless. I think it tastes just as good due to the well-seasoned veggies and the yummy cheese sauce; I highly recommend it! This casserole is also quite […]

Recipe Post: Vegetable Cottage Pie — BirdHouse Diaries

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Enliven – #YDWordPrompt January 3, 2021

Your Daily Word Prompt

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Today’s Word:  Enliven  

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[ en-lahy-vuhn ]

verb (used with object)

  • to make vigorous or active; invigorate:The wit of Mencken enlivened his age.
  • to make sprightly or cheerful; brighten:Flowers enliven any room.

Definition from

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Today’s Word of the Day is Brilliant.

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Our Prompt today is LEFTOVER

Have you been eating a lot of LEFTOVERS lately? Or perhaps the prompt word brings other things to your mind, like thoughts or scribbled notes you haven’t got around to posting yet?

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*Image by Pixel1 at Pixabay

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Caribbean Jerk Chicken — A Jeanne in the Kitchen

The “jerk” style of cooking that is found all throughout the Caribbean, especially in Jamaica, gets its roots from the Taino Natives who inhabited the Caribbean Islands before the European settlers came. It is estimated that this style of cooking dates back at least 2500 years. This cooking style was then taught to the African […]

Caribbean Jerk Chicken — A Jeanne in the Kitchen

How to take care of the sensitive skin of pregnant women in winter — Archynetys

During pregnancy, and especially with the arrival of low temperatures, a woman’s skin becomes extremely sensitive so it needs you to give it special care. The effect of hormones produces changes in the structure of the skin, making it more reactive to external factors such as wind and cold, causing conditions such as redness, peeling…

How to take care of the sensitive skin of pregnant women in winter — Archynetys

Stuffed Potatoes with Mushrooms & Pancetta — You Gotta Make This — My Meals are on Wheels

serves 4 4 large baking potatoes2 tsp olive oil50g butter300g mushrooms, sliced160g pancetta or bacon, cut into small pieces2 tbsp chopped chives50g parmesan or old cheddar, grated4 tbsp milk Heat the oven to 400F Prick the potatoes a few times with a fork, then rub a little olive oil over the skins. Put them on […] […]

Stuffed Potatoes with Mushrooms & Pancetta — You Gotta Make This — My Meals are on Wheels