How do You Garden Your Own Self-Control? — Motivation & Environment

Self-control is very crucial in many areas of life. Without it, we can become slaves to the things that are around us or the things that control us: we can find ourselves controlled and overwhelmed by food, money, lust, our words, material and immaterial excesses, etc. If your self-control was a plant, how well or badly is your self-control performing based on how you’ve been cultivating it over the past years—or since forever? When it comes to self-control, many people have the tendency to evade all kinds of things that can create discomfort and require our maximum effort. If you want to acquire sufficient self-control or strengthen it much further, then get ready to neglect or put away many things; this may result in people ridiculing you, frowning upon you, misunderstanding you, and even calling you “weird”. (Featured Image Credit:

How do You Garden Your Own Self-Control? — Motivation & Environment