Mike Tyson warns Jake Paul he’d ‘beat his ass’ in boxing match after demanding $1BILLION to face YouTuber — The Sun

MIKE TYSON has warned Logan and Jake Paul he’d ‘beat their asses’ if they ever shared the ring with him. SunSport revealed in January that explorative talks over a shock bout between Jake and former undisputed heavyweight champion Tyson had taken place. Boxing legend Mike Tyson has publicly entertained fights against Jake and Logan PaulGETTYINSTAGRAM@MIKETYSONAnd…

Mike Tyson warns Jake Paul he’d ‘beat his ass’ in boxing match after demanding $1BILLION to face YouTuber — The Sun

Why Jon Batiste Is the Best Response to the Angry Black Man Narrative Right Now

Repairers of the Breach

Okay y’all. I’m not going to rehash the Oscar fiasco. We know what it is. We’re all over it already, no matter what you think about it. But last Sunday’s Grammy Awards was the feel-good story we can all get behind. I got familiar with Jon Batiste probably about 2 years ago. I caught an episode of the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and he was the smiling “piano guy” serving as the bandleader/music director since 2015. Last year, I saw an interview of him on The Daily Show and I got a better sense of some of his range, catching a clip of his music video for Freedom and I was impressed. This year, I decided to watch The Grammys, not really expecting too much. Boy was I surprised. I enjoyed a number of performances and Batiste was a main highlight. It was exuberantly ecstatic, electric and…

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Seven hidden Gmail tricks everyone should know – including how to quickly unsend an email — The Sun

GMAIL has a clean, simple interface – but there’s more under the hood than meets the eye. There are tons of hidden hacks and tricks for optimizing your Gmail experience – including unsending a strongly-worded email. Gmail hit the market in 2004 and quickly acquired usersOver 300billion emails were sent per day in 2020 –…

Seven hidden Gmail tricks everyone should know – including how to quickly unsend an email — The Sun

Hummingbird Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

Peach In The North

I love a good hummingbird cake; they are moist, dense, and full of flavor. If you have never heard of it, it is a cake made from bananas, pineapple, cinnamon, and pecans. The texture and flavor are similar to banana bread, but the pineapple adds a hint of citrus flavor and an extra moist texture. Layered with cream cheese frosting, this cake is simply perfection. There is a reason it’s a Southern favorite.

I decided to make this cake a little different by adding white chocolate to the cream cheese frosting. The white chocolate pairs well with the tanginess of the pineapple and cream cheese. Plus, who doesn’t like white chocolate?

Typically, pecans are used in this cake, but walnuts work just fine, especially with how expensive pecans can be now. They just add a little extra crunchy goodness.

I hope you enjoy this cake! It will make the perfect…

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thanks Mom, my lips are officially on fire…


…anytime, son, anytime.

Food Taster is one of the pickiest eaters I know, so when he begged for Kimchi Udon, I simply could not refuse. I was puzzled by such an unlikely request from the Crown Prince of macaroni & cheese, especially since he asked for the heat and voracity of authentic gochugaru peppers and spices. Kimchi Udon is a heavenly union of Korean fermented vegetables and thick Japanese wheat noodles – savory, spicy and so beautiful it became the hero photo for my blog. It is unforgivingly addictive in the OMG-this-is-so-hot-I’m-going-to-die-but-maybe-just-one-more-bite way.

Plus, there’s bacon.

Food Taster joined us for dinner and was put to work

the kimchi base

Kimchi might be one of the more polarizing elements in Asian cooking – love it or hate it. I first tried kimchi after college at some of the many fabulous…

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Cheese Scones

Brookford Kitchen Diaries

I’ve given you a really cheesey scone before (you can find it here), a spiced red onion and cheese scone (here) and even a Christmas cheese, onion and olive scone (here), but today it’s the turn of the cheese and a little bit of mustard scone.

Not as cheesey as the really cheesey scone, but not so much mustard that all you can taste is mustard, this is the perfect scone for dipping into soup or just having on its own with a lot of (real) butter and a cup of tea. And it has to be real butter – scones need real butter, the cholesterol friendly substitutes just won’t do. I won’t tell your GP if you don’t tell mine.

I made a roasted pumpkin soup to have with it. Souper easy (see what I did there?) I roasted some wedges of pumpkin (don’t…

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Healthy Banana Bread Bites – No Bake!

Loving and Laughing

After I ate lunch the other day, I really wanted something sweet, and I was craving banana bread. However, I didn’t have a lot of time considering I was on my lunch break from work, so baking really wasn’t an option at that moment. So, I went through the cupboards and fridge and found some things to throw together that would satisfy my craving, but I wouldn’t have to bake anything.  Wa-la!  No bake banana bread bites.

Wow, these things are tasty! I could seriously eat a whole batch in one sitting – but I refrained…kind of…I left three. 🙂 Okay, so let’s get to this recipe.



  • 1 1/2 cups gluten free oat flour (you could also use 1 cup coconut flour instead if you have an issue with oats)
  • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 small pinch of stevia
  • sprinkle of sea salt
  • 1/3 cup mashed banana

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Buffalo chicken Mac and cheese — Market Based Shopping

1.5 cups elbow macaroni 1.5 cups chicken broth or water 1.5 pounds cooked, cubed chicken 1 cup shredded yellow cheese 1/3 cup sour cream Red hot sauce Crumpled blue cheese Directions: Add dry pasta and the chicken stock or water to the insta pot. Make sure the liquid is covering the pasta. Program the insta […]

Buffalo chicken Mac and cheese — Market Based Shopping

Gas station celebrates grand opening by offering $2.76 per gallon — mypanhandle.com

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — People were actually happy to fill up their tanks with gas on Saturday morning, that’s because a new gas station arrived in town with deals to kick off their grand opening. A new 76 Gas Station with a daybreak market and convenience store celebrated its grand opening by offering…

Gas station celebrates grand opening by offering $2.76 per gallon — mypanhandle.com

City of Lynn Haven hosts Easter Egg Hunt — mypanhandle.com

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — The City of Lynn Haven hosted its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning. Thousands of people came out to A.L. Kinsaul Park to hunt for 30,000 easter eggs and enjoy the festivities. Besides hunting for easter eggs filled with candy and prizes, kids had the chance to take pictures…

City of Lynn Haven hosts Easter Egg Hunt — mypanhandle.com