Lady Gaga Announces New Single From ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Film, ‘Hold My Hand’ — Variety

Lady Gaga has announced the new song from “Top Gun: Maverick” “Hold My Hand.” The song written by Gaga, features in the film opening May 27 and will be released on May 3. In the highly-anticipated film, Tom Cruise returns as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a courageous test pilot who dodges the advancement in rank that…

Lady Gaga Announces New Single From ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Film, ‘Hold My Hand’ — Variety

Ronovan Writes Sijo Wednesday Poetry Challenge #7. Use PERFECTION as your inspiration this week.


Perfection’s meaning has changed over time for me. Is it because of what I want, where I am, what I’ve given up on, or all of them?


Use the above link to discover the various interpretations of the word of the week. Don’t limit yourself to the first one that comes to mind. Expand your thinking.

A new form of poetry for us to try. Yes, the Décima Challenge has come to an end after 100 weeks.

Now we have the Sijo, a Korean form believed to have first been used in the fourteenth century. It is similar in structure to various Japanese forms such as Haiku. As with many forms of poetry, the Sijo became a preferred poetry form of the yangban or ruling class as well as royalty. They were written in Chinese and were originally short songs set to music. The focus of…

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Egg Salad Recipe — DiscoverNet — My Meals are on Wheels

Sometimes, old classics simply reign supreme, and this less is more approach is just the one Laura Sampson, who blogs and shares recipes at Little House Big Alaska, has taken in developing a basic egg salad recipe anyone can throw together with a few spare minutes and fewer than six ingredients. Sure, the Alaska native […] […]

Egg Salad Recipe — DiscoverNet — My Meals are on Wheels