West Hut — PHX Rail Food

Measured in terms of both land area and population, Africa is the world’s second largest continent, surpassed only by Asia in both respects. That size is seldom reflected accurately in world maps, school curricula, political influence, and even the American restaurant landscape. To be sure, centuries of slavery brought about enormous changes in eating habits,…

West Hut — PHX Rail Food

#Writephoto- Alley

John was walking through the alley, a place he had lived in for years. He knew every nook and cranny, but today was different. He had heard stories about a magical creature living in the alley, and he wanted to find out if it was true.

John cautiously walked further down the dark alleyway until he could see a mysterious figure in the shadows. He approached slowly and asked if the figure was the magical creature people had been talking about.

The creature revealed itself as an old man who introduced himself as “the Guardian of the Alley”. He told John that he had been living there for centuries, watching over it and protecting it from evil forces. He also told John that if he wanted to stay safe in this alley, he would have to follow certain rules set by him.

John agreed to follow his rules and soon enough, John started to feel at home in the alley. He knew which places were safe and which where not.

The Sports Story update rolling out now (patch notes) — My Nintendo News

Sports Story made a surprise appearance on the Nintendo Switch eshop just before Christmas Day and was subsequently downloaded quite a few times. What wasn’t originally made clear, due to it being a surprise release, was that there were a few noticeable performance issues, which should hopefully be resolved due to the new update rolling… Read…

The Sports Story update rolling out now (patch notes) — My Nintendo News

January Monthly Observances — Be a Seed for Change

National Soup Month National Meat Month National Hot Tea Month National Oatmeal Month Be Kind To Food Servers Month National Train Your Dog Month Adopt A Rescued Bird Month National Clean Up Your Computer Month National Braille Literacy Month National Blood Donor Month National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month Cervical Health Awareness Month National […]

January Monthly Observances — Be a Seed for Change