Rumour: Dead by Daylight losing rights to Leatherface and will be removed — My Nintendo News

The Dead By Daylight leaks and news account is reporting that Leatherface will be removed from all store fronts soon due to the developer losing the rights to the fictional character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film series. One of the apparent moderators from the DBDLeaks discord suggested it is due to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre… Read…

Rumour: Dead by Daylight losing rights to Leatherface and will be removed — My Nintendo News

Cornmeal Toaster Cakes

Cooking Is My Sport

Happy New Year everyone. We made it to 2023.

I hope the new year is off to a great start for all of you. As I usually do every year, I decided to take a short blogging break to recharge from all the flurry of baking that I do for the 12 Days of Christmas. But also as with every other year, I come back…usually with carbs, interestingly enough.

I’m a little tickled by how this, and next week’s recipes came about. I was making a pot of collard greens for New Years’ Eve, as eating them at the start of a new year is supposedly good luck. In my house, eating greens with cornbread is non-negotiable, so I was also making some cornbread to go with it.

I ended up making two ‘types’ of cornbread to go with our greens, the first of which I’m sharing today, and the…

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Father and Daughter Bond

John is a single father to his daughter, Jessica. He works hard to provide for her and recently has been struggling with the stress of being a single parent. One day, he comes across an old friend who had passed away many years ago. His friend had left behind a dozen roses in a secret box under his bed.

John brings the roses home to Jessica and she is ecstatic with joy. She proudly displays them in her room, as she feels more connected to her father than ever before. She begins to create stories about the roses and their journey through time.

One day, John’s daughter goes missing and he frantically searches for her everywhere. After hours of searching, he eventually finds her in an old garden nearby their house, holding the dozen roses close to her chest. It is then that John realizes that these roses were not just any old present but rather his daughter’s way of staying close to him even when they are apart.