Promptuarium-Crooked Cop

The Downfall of Jameson: A Story of Greed and Corruption

The sky was dark and the city was asleep as Officer Jameson made his rounds. His partner, Officer Mitchell, had called in sick, so Jameson was working alone tonight. He didn’t mind, though. He actually preferred it.

Working alone meant that he could take his time and do things his way. He could take shortcuts and cut corners. And, most importantly, it meant that he could pocket a little extra cash on the side.

Tonight, Jameson was feeling particularly greedy. He had already pocketed a few hundred dollars in cash, and he was feeling emboldened to go for more. So, when he saw a group of teenagers loitering near a vacant lot, he decided to take advantage of the situation.

He approached the group and told them that he was going to have to search them for drugs. Of course, he had no intention of actually searching them. He wabecame a crooked cop.

At first, it was just small stuff. But then, the bigger cases started to come his way. The cases that could make or break careers. The cases that could get people killed. And John knew that he was in way over his head.

Jameson’s greediness led to his downfall. Officer Mitchell, who had called in sick, was actually working undercover. He had been following Jameson and had witnessed him pocketing the extra cash. Officer Mitchell arrested Jameson and he was soon charged with corruption.



A Friend’s Murder:Paula’s Story

Paula was in her friend’s apartment when she got the call. She was the first one on the scene. Her friend had been murdered, and she had to verify the body.

She couldn’t believe it was happening. She had just seen her friend alive and well yesterday. And now she was dead.

Paula felt numb as she walked into the apartment. She could see the body from the doorway. Her friend was lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Paula forced herself to walk over to the body. She knelt down and gently turned her friend’s head to the side. There was a large gunshot wound to the head.

Paula’s heart ached as she realized that her friend was gone. She sat there for a moment, just staring at the body. She couldn’t believe this was real.

There was a large gaping wound on the side of her head. Paula felt her stomach heave, but she forced herself to stay calm. She had to identify the body.

Paula identified the body and then called the police. She gave them a statement and then she was free to go. But she didn’t feel free. She felt like she was trapped in a nightmare. She had just seen her friend murdered, and she was the one who had to identify the body. She would never be able to forget what she had seen.

#Ragtag Daily Prompt-Nefarious

The Day Jack Got Caught

Jack was walking down the street when he saw a police officer approaching him. He knew that he had been engaging in some nefarious activities lately and he was sure that the officer was going to stop him. He considered running away, but he knew that would only make things worse. So he decided to play it cool and act like nothing was wrong.

The officer stopped him and asked for his ID. Jack’s heart started racing as he handed over his ID. The officer looked through it and then asked Jack what he was up to. Jack tried to play it cool, but he could tell that the officer wasn’t buying it. Finally, the officer told Jack that he was under arrest for suspicion of criminal activity.

Jack was devastated. He knew that his life was about to change forever. He was going to have to go to jail and there was a good chance that he would never be able to live a normal life again.

Jack tried to play it cool, but the officer could tell that something was wrong. He decided to call for backup and have Jack detained. Jack was taken to the police station where he was questioned about his recent activities. It wasn’t long before he confessed to his crimes and was taken into custody.

Word Of The Day Challenge-Course

Allison’s Mystery Writing Course

Allison had never been the best student in school. In fact, she had always been pretty bad at most things. So, when she signed up for the mystery writing course, she was a little bit nervous.

But, as it turns out, she was a natural at mystery writing. She quickly became comfortable with the course material and started churning out some pretty great stories.

Soon, she was one of the top students in the class, and she even managed to win a few writing contests. It was a pretty great feeling, and she was proud of herself.

But then, one day, she got a call from the police. They had found a body in an abandoned warehouse, and they thought her story might have something to do with it.

Allison was shocked. She had no idea what to do. But, she knew she had to figure it out, because it looked like she might be a suspect in a real-life murder mystery.

She knew she had to figure out what to do, and fast. She was scared and didn’t know who to trust. But she had to keep her head up and figure out what was going on, before it was too late.

Allison was relieved when she was finally cleared of any suspicion in the murder case. She was glad that she had been able to figure out what was going on, and that she could now move on with her life. She was also grateful that she had never actually been a suspect in the case.

The Daily Spur Photo Prompt

Sarah’s Journey to Self-Discovery

Sarah who is trying to find her way in life. She is in her early twenties and has recently moved to a new city. She is struggling to make new friends and to find her place in the world. One day, she comes across a notebook on a tablecloth in a cafe. The notebook is filled with handwritten notes and recipes. Sarah is intrigued by the notebook and decides to take it home with her. As she reads through the notebook, she starts to feel more connected to the woman who wrote it. She begins to feel like she knows her. Sarah starts to feel like the woman who wrote the notebook is her guide and her friend.

The Daily Spur-Dozen

In a sense, a dozen is just another way of saying ‘a lot’. After all, 12 is a number that most of us are pretty familiar with. We have 12 months in a year, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour… and so on.

So when we say that we have a ‘dozen’ of something, it means that we have a lot of that thing – 12 of them, to be precise.

But why 12? What is it about this number that makes it so special?

Well, for starters, 12 is a composite number. This means that it is made up of smaller numbers, in this case, 2 and 6. This makes it a bit more special than some of the other numbers out there.

But more importantly, 12 is a number that has a lot of symmetry. This means that it looks the same from all sides, no matter how you turn it. This is why we have 12 hours on a clock, for example.

This symmetry is part of what makes 12 such a special number. It is a number that is easy for us to work with, and it just feels ‘right’.

So the next time you see a dozen of something, remember that you are looking at a number that has a lot of history and meaning behind it.