Promptuarium-Crooked Cop

The Downfall of Jameson: A Story of Greed and Corruption

The sky was dark and the city was asleep as Officer Jameson made his rounds. His partner, Officer Mitchell, had called in sick, so Jameson was working alone tonight. He didn’t mind, though. He actually preferred it.

Working alone meant that he could take his time and do things his way. He could take shortcuts and cut corners. And, most importantly, it meant that he could pocket a little extra cash on the side.

Tonight, Jameson was feeling particularly greedy. He had already pocketed a few hundred dollars in cash, and he was feeling emboldened to go for more. So, when he saw a group of teenagers loitering near a vacant lot, he decided to take advantage of the situation.

He approached the group and told them that he was going to have to search them for drugs. Of course, he had no intention of actually searching them. He wabecame a crooked cop.

At first, it was just small stuff. But then, the bigger cases started to come his way. The cases that could make or break careers. The cases that could get people killed. And John knew that he was in way over his head.

Jameson’s greediness led to his downfall. Officer Mitchell, who had called in sick, was actually working undercover. He had been following Jameson and had witnessed him pocketing the extra cash. Officer Mitchell arrested Jameson and he was soon charged with corruption.

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