The Power of Free Writing: How to Unlock Your Creativity

Mike Jackson

Free writing is a powerful tool for writers, and its origins can be traced back to the early 20th century. The concept of free writing was first introduced by the writer and teacher Peter Elbow, who believed that the traditional writing process was too restrictive and that it stifled creativity. Elbow’s approach to writing was to simply put pen to paper and write whatever comes to mind without worrying about grammar, punctuation, or even coherence.

The idea behind free writing is to let your thoughts flow freely without any constraints. The idea is simply to write for a set amount of time, something like ten to twenty minutes. Don’t stop for anything. The idea is to put something down on the page no matter what. It’s a way to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page, without worrying about whether they’re good or bad. By…

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The Power of Journaling: How Keeping a Writing Diary Can Improve Your Craft

Mike Jackson


Journaling has long been a tool for self-reflection and personal growth, but did you know it can also be a valuable tool for writers? In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of keeping a writing diary and how it can help you improve your craft.

The Benefits of Journaling for Writers:

  • Helps with writer’s block by providing a space to jot down ideas and inspiration as they come to you.

  • Allows you to reflect on your writing process and identify areas that need improvement.

  • Provides a space to experiment with new writing styles and techniques without the pressure of a final product.

  • Helps with writer’s block: Journaling can provide a space to jot down ideas and inspiration as they come to you, helping to overcome writer’s block by providing a way to capture ideas before they slip away.

  • Improves writing skills: Journaling can help writers improve their skills by…

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LeBron James leaves in advance of the buzzer rings | ESPN’s NBA – ESPN — Archynetys

LeBron James leaves in advance of the buzzer rings | NBA on ESPN ESPN Lakers’ LeBron James upset right after referee evidently skipped foul call versus Celtics NBA Information 2023: Scores, Effects, Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers vs. Denver Nuggets, Mattis Thybulle, Laps, Most up-to-date, Updates fox sports Perspective comprehensive story on Google Information The…

LeBron James leaves in advance of the buzzer rings | ESPN’s NBA – ESPN — Archynetys

Opportunity: Anthology Call for Submissions – Free Activity Book — Writing and Illustrating

Laura Lee Cascada’s The every animal Project is currently accepting submissions around the theme of courageous animals for our first anthology, debuting in December 2023, The Dog Who Wooed at the World. Stories should explain how an animal’s bravery inspired and moved you. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 31st One winning author will receive a $300 prize, and […]

Opportunity: Anthology Call for Submissions – Free Activity Book — Writing and Illustrating

The Daily Spur-Exotic

Exotic Encounters

When Sarah set out on her journey to find exotic animals, she never imagined that she would find herself in the middle of one of the most dangerous places on Earth. But that’s exactly where she found herself when she came across a large, scaly creature in the middle of the Amazon rainforest.

The creature was clearly not happy to see her, and it wasn’t long before Sarah found herself in a fight for her life. She had never been in a situation like this before, and she was quickly realize that she was in way over her head.

But Sarah refused to give up, and after a long and brutal battle, she finally emerged victorious. It wasn’t easy, but she had managed to take down the exotic creature. She had always wanted an adventure, but this was definitely not what she had had in mind.

#Ragtag Daily Prompt-Fun

Sydney’s Summer Fun

Sydney always loved visiting her grandma’s house. It was always so warm and inviting, and grandma always had the best snacks. Sydney especially loved going in the summer, when she could swim in the pool and sit out in the sun. One summer day, Sydney was sitting on the edge of the pool, playing with her toes in the water. She looked up and saw a large, orange object hurtling towards her. She had just enough time to scream before it hit her in the face. It turned out to be a giant orange, and it had burst open on impact. Sydney was covered in orange juice and bits of pulp. She was sticky and wet, and she smelled like a citrus fruy. I couldn’t believe it. I refused to believe it. I refused to believe that they were gone. But it was true. They were gone, and I was all alone in the world.


A Pool Party to Remember

It was summertime and the weather was perfect for a pool party. All of the kids were excited to splash around and have fun in the sun.

But one little girl, Eliza, was feeling a bit sad. She didn’t have any friends to invite to the party.

Eliza’s mom tried to cheer her up by saying, “Don’t worry, honey. I’m sure you’ll make some new friends at the party.”

But Eliza just couldn’t help feeling a little bit down.

At the party, Eliza sat off to the side by herself. She didn’t want to splash around or play games. She just wanted to go home.

But then, one of the other kids, a boy named Tim, came over and asked Eliza if she wanted to play tag.

Eliza’s face lit up. She was so happy that someone wanted to play with her.

After that, Eliza had a blast at the party. She made lots of new friends and had the time of her life.

She learned that sometimes, all you need to have fun is a good friend by your side.


The morning alarm blares,
dragging us out of bed.

another day begins,

full of the usual grind.

We’ve got to get to work,

put in our time,

day in and day out.

It’s not easy,

this life of drudgery.

We toil away,

for very little pay.

But what else can we do?

There’s nothing else for us,

except this endless grind.

Film Review: You People (dir by Kenya Barris) — Through the Shattered Lens

Ezra Cohen (Jonah Hill) and Amirah Mohammed (Lauren London) have been dating for six months.  Ezra is a Jewish atheist who works at a brokerage firm but who says his lifelong dream has been to be a podcaster.  Lauren is Black and a devout Muslim.  A graduate of Howard University, she is pursuing a career […]

Film Review: You People (dir by Kenya Barris) — Through the Shattered Lens