Word Of The Day Challenge-Castaway

The life of a castaway is a lonely one.

You are stranded on a deserted island, with no one to talk to and nothing to do.

The only company you have is the wild animals and the elements.

You must learn to fend for yourself, and find a way to survive.

It is a struggle every day, just to stay alive.

But you cannot give up, because you know that someday, someone will find you and rescue you.

until then, you must stay strong and keep fighting.



Marcus and His Wife’s Journey

Marcus was a pejorative person to his wife. He was always putting her down and making her feel bad about herself. She had had enough and was determined to do something about it.

She began by standing up to him more, standing up for herself and refusing to take his crap anymore. This made him angry, but she didn’t back down. She continued to stand up to him, until he finally began to see her as an equal.

It wasn’t easy, but over time, Marcus began to change. He started to treat his wife with more respect and equality. He realized that he had been wrong all along, and that she was actually a smart and strong woman.

They say that it takes a strong person to change a negative person. In this case, it was certainly true. Marcus’s wife was strong enough to stand up to him and change him for the better.

The Daily Spur-Step


Step one foot in front of the other

I move forward

I am life

I am hope

I am all that is good

I am stepping into my future

I am stepping into my dreams

I am stepping into my destiny

I am stepping into my power

I am stepping into my purpose

I am stepping into my greatness

I am stepping into my truth

I am stepping into my authentic self

I am stepping into my light

I am stepping into my love

I am stepping into my joy

I am stepping into my power

I am stepping into my life


The lady will write a note to her bestfriend thanking her for being there for her during her tough times. She will explain how her bestfriend has always been there for her and how she is grateful to have her in her life.