Local mother ‘proud’ of Super Bowl-bound son — mypanhandle.com

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Janarius Robinson’s mother, Cherine Duncan, has supported him since pee wee football, and now she will be cheering him on at the Super Bowl. Robinson was drafted by the Vikings in the summer of 2021 and a year and a half later he is one game away from a Super…

Local mother ‘proud’ of Super Bowl-bound son — mypanhandle.com

Doctors recommend removal of fallopian tubes to prevent ovarian cancer – youtube.com — Archynetys

Doctors recommend a salpingectomy to prevent ovarian cancer youtube.com Doctors now advise women to have their fallopian tubes removed to avoid ovarian cancer. daily mail Experts say more women should consider removing their fallopian tubes to prevent cancer Indian Express Experts say women should consider removing their fallopian tubes to prevent ovarian cancer people Doctors…

Doctors recommend removal of fallopian tubes to prevent ovarian cancer – youtube.com — Archynetys

Hawks at JAZZ | Full Game Highlights | Feb. 3, 2023 – NBA — Archynetys

HAWKS AT JAZZ | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | FEBRUARY 3, 2023 NBA Utah Jazz vs Atlanta Hawks Predictions, Betting Tips, Odds │Feb 4, 2023 Telecom Asia Jazz vs Hawks Pick – NBA Predictions and Odds 2/3/23 sports chat place Split Series Against Hawks | Utah Jazz utah jazz Atlanta Hawks beat Utah Jazz 115-108 sports…

Hawks at JAZZ | Full Game Highlights | Feb. 3, 2023 – NBA — Archynetys

You should be investing, not just saving. Here’s some tips/suggestions. — Freedom from the Forbidden

I’m making this a whole blog post now because it got very long on my Facebook.There are too many people in my life whom I love and who aren’t doing great with money, like not investing their money. Here are some ideas to help you get started. But, first, what is investing? How does it […]

You should be investing, not just saving. Here’s some tips/suggestions. — Freedom from the Forbidden

Jimmy to the Rescue

Jimmy was on his way home from picking up a few things from the store when he saw a man walking down the street with a large bag over his shoulder. The man looked suspicious, and Jimmy decided to follow him. The man turned down a dark alley, and Jimmy quickened his pace to catch up. When he got to the alley, he saw the man pull a knife out of the bag and begin to hack through a door.

Jimmy knew he had to act fast. He ran into the alley and yelled at the man to stop. The man turned around, and Jimmy could see the look of pure evil in his eyes. Without thinking any further, Jimmy tackled the man and disarmed him. He held the man down until the police arrived.

Jimmy had prevented a burglary, and he was hailed as a hero by the police and the community. He had always known he was meant to do something special with his life, and this was just the beginning.

#Ragtag Daily Prompt-Optimist

Learning the Ropes

Luke had just landed his first job out of college and he was feeling pretty good about it. He was an optimist by nature, so he was confident that things would work out well.

He started his new job and everything went well at first. He was learning a lot and enjoying the work. But then, things started to go wrong. One of his projects failed and he was blamed for it. His boss was angry with him and his colleagues started to treat him differently.

Luke started to feel like maybe this job wasn’t meant for him. He was feeling down and out, but he tried to remain positive. He told himself that things would get better.

And then, one day, they did. Luke’s project was a success and his boss praised him for it. His colleagues started to treat him with respect again. Things were finally going right for Luke.

He was reminded that even when things are tough, it’s important to stay positive. Things can always turn around.

Word Of The Day Challenge-Unusually

Unusually and the Circus

There was once an unusually large egg that hatched an equally unusual creature. The village children were fascinated by the creature and quickly nicknamed him “Unusually”. Unusually quickly became the town’s mascot and everyone loved him dearly.

One day, a group of travelling circus performers came to town and saw Unusually. They were so fascinated by him that they offered to take him back with them to their circus. Unusually was hesitant at first, but the prospect of seeing the world and performing for audiences was too enticing to pass up.

So, Unusually said goodbye to his home and set off with the circus. He soon became a star attraction and was loved by audiences all over the world. Unusually was happy and he loved his new life.

Even though he was loved and had everything he could ever want, Unusually still missed his home and the friends he had left behind. One day, he finally decided it was time to go back home.

Unsurprisingly, everyone was thrilled to see him and welcomed him home with open arms. Unusually was happy to be home and he knew that he would always cherish the memories of his time with the circus.

The Daily Spur Photo Prompt

A Beautiful Day for an Adventure

It was morning, and the sun shone in through the window, casting a warm glow on the lofted bedroom. The bed was comfortable and inviting, and the room felt cosy and comfortable.

The sound of birdsong filtered in through the open window, and a gentle breeze ruffled the curtains. It was going to be a beautiful day.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was the sound of someone trying to be quiet, but it was still loud enough to wake up the occupant of the lofted bedroom.

cursing quietly, they got up and made their way to the door, taking care not to trip over any of the boxes that were strewn around the room.

When they opened the door, they were met with the sight of their best friend, grinning from ear to ear.

“Hey! I thought you might want to come explore the town with me today!”

The occupant of the lofted bedroom hesitated for a moment, but then nodded and grabbed their jacket. It was going to be a great day after all.