The Daily Spur-Chair

The Chair Watches

The chair was always there, watching. never making a sound, never moving. Just watching.

It was a creepy chair, made of dark wood with a high back and thick, claw-like legs. The seat was cushioned with a ratty old cushion that had seen better days. The chair seemed to stare at whoever was in the room, as if it was waiting for something to happen.

One day, the chair finally moved. It slowly rocked back and forth, creaking softly. The person in the room didn’t notice at first, but then they realized that the chair was moving on its own.

The chair continued to move, faster and faster, until it was rocking violently. The person in the room was terrified, and they scrambled to get away from the chair. But it was too late. The chair reached out with its claw-like legs and pulled the person into the seat. The last thing the person saw was the chair’s sinister smile before they were engulfed by the darkness.


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