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What’s Autofiction? Should You Fictionalize The Story of Your Life? – by Anne R. Allen…

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A trendy word in publishing recently is “autofiction,” short for “autobiographical fiction.” The term isn’t new. It was first invented in 1977 by author Serge Doubrovsky when talking about his memoir-sh novel, Fils.

And what about those Creative Nonfiction essays that fill literary magazines? (A goldmine for memoir writers.) Can you call them autofiction?

Unfortunately, “autofiction” is not an official category in the publishing world, according to Publishers Weekly.

That means authors still have to decide if what they’ve written is fiction or nonfiction before they publish it, so bookstores will know whether to put it on the fiction or nonfiction shelf.

Guidelines say if there are real people in it and all the incidents really happened, you can call it nonfiction, even if you’ve changed the names of the real people. But if some events or characters are made up, you’re better off calling it fiction.


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Pride is something we all have inside

It’s what makes us unique and special

And it’s something we should all cherish

It’s what makes us who we are

And it’s something that we should never lose

Pride is something that we all need

And it’s something that will always be there

And it’s something that we should never forget


The Battle of Shepherdstown

The day started like any other. But little did the residents of the small town of Shepherdstown know that it would go down in history.

The sun had barely risen when the first shots were fired. The Battle of Shepherdstown, also known as the Second Battle of Antietam, was underway.

For hours, the fighting raged back and forth. The town was caught in the middle, and soon it was nothing but rubble.

When the smoke finally cleared, the casualties were staggering. Over 4,000 men had been killed or wounded.

The town of Shepherdstown would never be the same. And the residents would never forget that historic day.

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US VP Harris To Visit Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia In Push To Boost Africa Links — G9IJA