Two Wonderful Books For Children By Anne K. Edwards

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Remember those days when your mum or granny used to tell you stories or read some story books for you? In my case, the interest of reading grew from there. Still now, I love reading children books. It rejuvenated my mind and transcends me to those childhood days. Recently, I came across two wonderful books for children; Changing Places and Dominick and the Dragon, both by Anne K. Edwards.

Changing Places is the story of a housecat named Whiskers who, one day, finds a black snake outside his window and wants to know more about it. He befriends the snake as they both have some common skills and, they change their places for a while out of curiosity. What followed is a total pandemonium and, they both understand that one should not cross his limit and be contented with what he has.

I especially loved the illustrations of the book…

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The Charlemagne Pursuit


I finished listened to The Charlemagne Pursuit by Steve Berry. This is the fourth book of the Cotton Malone book series. There are 12 books in the book series.

This book deals with Charlemagne, Cotton’s father, and an unknown society of people.  In Charlemagne Pursuit, Cotton finally finds out what happened to his father. The Navy says his submarine sunk in the ocean. Cotton didn’t really believe that. So he asked his former boss for the file on his father. That started events that led him back into trouble. The file said his father went to Antarctica. It was a secret mission. On a quest, Cotton and some others found out about an unknown society of people that taught others about modern type of things. (not aliens thank goodness. ) In the end, he found his father and got to finally bury him in a proper grave.

I really liked…

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