johnny appleseed helped spread alcohol across america — 4/28/17

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The Girl on The Bus by N M Brown #BlogTour #GuestPost @Bloodhoundbook


Today I’m delighted to be on the blog tour for The Girl on the Bus by N.M. Brown with a guest post from the author on why he chose crime as his genre.

Guest post…

Despite having experimented with various genres over the years, I have settled on writing crime fiction because it seems to tick many boxes.
Firstly, crime as a genre works as effective storytelling. If you think about it, many of the most of enduring and powerful stories that we encounter involve good versus evil. Even the simplest Fairy Tales involve stories of trespassing (Goldilocks) child abduction (Hansel and Gretel) enslavement (Rapunzel) and murder (Little Red Riding Hood*). At the other end of the literary scale, Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet is essentially caught up in the world’s most famous whodunit.
In the context of modern crime fiction novels- in which we see Lisbeth Salander or Agent Clarice Starling…

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Book Review: This Parody of Death by William Savage @penandpension #RBRT #Georgian Mystery


This is the third book in the Ashmole Foxe series, about a Georgian dandy, bookseller, and occasional unofficial investigator. I reviewed both of the previous books and like this character. Of the three, this book is my favorite.

Ashmole Foxe, a man about town and known for his foppish ways, moves easily through Georgian Norwich because of his ownership of a popular bookstore. He has also developed something of a nose for investigation. When a miserly, curmudgeonly undertaker and bell ringer is found with his throat cut, Foxe is sought out by the local grocer, Foxe’s friend Captain Brock, and Alderman Halloran to find the killer. There are more tracks to follow in the investigation than a dog has fleas: a group committed to a secret heresy, a son who betrayed his father, a house with deep and deadly secrets, a woman determined to protect the great passion of her…

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The Ladies of Horror Flash Project – #Horror #author Bailey Hunter @DarkRecesses @Sotet_Angyal #LoH #fiction

Spreading the Writer's Word

The Ladies of Horror

Exit the World Dreaming
by Bailey Hunter

I don’t know when it began; I only know that it grows steadily worse.  Entire days seem to flit past and I, catching only glimpses of them, struggle to maintain a tenuous grip.
That part of my life—the part that goes on without me—has always been there.  I drift to sleep and he takes over.  He leaves me with mundane, simple images of the monotony of work, families, dinners and conversations.  They were never more than a slight interruption in my world.
Things have changed.  These interludes last longer and are becoming increasingly more shattered.  Darkness and hunger permeates every shard of these missing moments.  I try to force myself to stay awake but I am unable.
I fear I am losing my place in this world.
When I do finally wake, the images of those lost hours sit rancid…

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The Power of Time Perception by @jeanpaulzoghbi #bookreview #timemanagement #TuesdayBookBlog

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Title: The Power of Time Perception: Control the Speed of Time to Make Every Second Count

Author: Jean Paul Zogby

Genre: Nonfiction, Time Management, Self-Help

Book Blurb:

Do you feel that time is flying as you grow older?

Want to learn the secret of how to slow it down?

Now you can! With access to in-depth research, you can learn how to extend the good times and fast forward through the bad ones with The Power of Time Perception.
Inside the pages of this amazingly insightful book, you will learn how we think about time, the factors influencing our time experiences, and how YOU can make every second count.

The Book covers things like:

  • How our brains perceive reality?
  • What makes time speed up or slow down?
  • How our personality traits influence our time experience?
  • How emotions affect the speed of time in our mind?
  • Ways to slow down time…

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“Please don’t let me kill a tourist” Ukulele Murder by @LeslieLangtry #99cents #cozymystery

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Author: Leslie Langtry

Genre:  Cozy Mystery

Publisher: Gemma Halliday Publishing

Book Blurb: 

Nani Johnson thought she had it made when she moved from Kansas to the resort town of Aloha Lagoon, Kauai. In spite of her certifiably crazy mom, Nani is determined that nothing will stop her from becoming a ukulele virtuoso! Unfortunately her Julliard training doesn’t help her break into the local music scene due to some heavy competition from the Terrible Trio—three hostile, local musicians. The only work she finds is a few bar mitzvahs and gigs at the kitschy Blue Hawaii Wedding Chapel.

But when one of Nani’s competitors drops dead right after a public feud, Nani becomes the police’s main suspect. A missing murder weapon, mysterious threats, and a heck of a frame-up job all have Nani worrying she’ll be trading in her flowery muumuus for prison orange. Enter hunky local…

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Bad Bloods: July Thunder by Bestselling Author @AuthorSAT & @CleanTeenPub #YA #Fantasy

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July Thunder
Shannon A. Thompson
Published by: Clean Teen Publishing
Publication date: April 10th 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

From best-selling author Shannon A. Thompson comes an exciting new duology in the Bad Bloods universe.

Fourteen-year-old Violet has been called many things: a bad blood, a survivor, an immortal…now she has a new name–citizen. But adjusting to a lawful life is not easy, especially when she must live under the rule of the same officers who justified the killings of her flock only eight months earlier.

Segregation of bad bloods and humans is still in effect, and rebellious Violet steps into a school where she is not allowed. When the police get involved, things deteriorate quickly, sparking a new revolution at the wall separating the Highlands from the outskirts.

That’s when Caleb steps in. He might appear to be an average sixteen-year-old bad blood, but he has secrets, and Violet…

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