Spending time with my son

I enjoyed my last day off from work spending it with my son. We played bingo,paid bills and went to walmart.


Back home

I just got back home from visiting my daughter and granddaughter’s.My son,girlfriend and grandmother went with me. We had a very good time. We went shopping for wedding dresses. My daughter will be getting married in October. My granddaughter’s are growing so fast. I am so happy to be a mother and grandmother. Life is so good. I will post later.

Sunday my family

My girlfriend is doing fine. I made a error on my post about my girlfriend update. She didn’t go back to work. Her doctor doesn’t want her to work yet. She will see her doctor next week. I am doing fine. I have been working on writing some poems and short stories. My son will be starting his new job soon. My daughter and two granddaughters are doing fine.