Love in Between (Flash Fiction)

Kira Scribbled

I warned her… My sister, I mean. Sarah was always too interested in the Great Above and Abovers in general. I told her that you couldn’t trust those vicious creatures that hunt our waters with one hand and poison it with the another.

A few tides ago we found an Above creature in our kelp garden. He thrashed about with his bubble machine tangled up in our frilly greens crop. We watched for a bit as he managed to damage and pull a large stalk from its rock.

I turned worried eyes to my sister. “Father is going to be so mad! He’ll never believe this wasn’t our fault. What are we going to do?”
Sarah looked at my frantic face and back to the struggling Abover. “We have to get him out, he’s going to die and ruin our whole crop. If the council knows that an Abover touched…

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Pizza Pie – Friday Fictioneers

The Bumble Files

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, a group of writers who attempt to write a 100-word story based on photo prompt. This week’s photo is brought to us byDale Rogerson,who I understand has a birthday today. So, Happy Birthday, Dale!  Cheers! And thanks for the pizza.:)

My story went a bit over. I apologize. I did my best to cut.

All are welcome to participate. Visit Rochelle’s blogAddicted to Purplefor more info.

PHOTO PROMPT ©Dale Rogerson

(105 words)

Pizza Pie

“He owns a deli.” Chuck surveyed the baseball field of short-legged participants.

“Remember the party with the limos,” Janice persisted.

“Giuseppe is just a neighbor with a big family.”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

The hot dog line was long. They chose the empty pizza booth instead.

“Hi, Giuseppe. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“My nephew’s on a team. You guys want pizza?” Giuseppe gestured toward a tower…

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Sunday Strange microfiction challenge – Mary’s Breakfast



Mary looked across the room at the picture of the angel Gabriel her parents had put on her wall. They said the presence of the Angel would keep her safe as she slept.

Mary was concerned less about safety as she slept as with keeping Spot and Fluff out of her breakfast.

She hated the way they jumped up on her bed and stood there eyeing off her toast and cup of milk.

As she prayed she kept her focus on the Angel who stood mightily upon a large rock, staff in hand ready to smite all and any who might anger him.

“Please Angel Gabriel,” she prayed, “keep Spot and Fluff away from my breakfast.”

At that, a bolt of lightning uttered from the image and struck both pets causing them to flee from the room.

Giggling to herself Mary, cracked her egg, and quietly thanked the accommodating Angel.

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The Lost Puppy – Ian Hill

Arrowhead Freelance and Publishing

The Lost Puppy


“For the one who brought me back after I had given up.

Whether I wanted it or not.”

                I am a puppy.  My name is, well, I don’t exactly have a name…yet.  Nobody’s ever given me one, but you could.  You could!  You could!  You could!  I’m so excited to see you because I know that you’re the one who came to get me out.  When the nice people came and rescued me from the side of the road, I was really scared, but they cleaned me and fed me.  Now all I need is a home.  I don’t even know what a home is, but everybody keeps talking about finding me one, so I know it’s going to be great!  Take me home!  Take me home!  Take me home!

“He has too much energy for us.”

                Oh, you’re a new person.  I’m really…

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The Grave Robber – Austin L. Wiggins

Arrowhead Freelance and Publishing


Cloaked by the night Jean crept along deserted streets. The black clothes Jean wore further cloaked him in the moonless night and he went unnoticed despite the clank in his bag caused by the shovel hitting his lantern. Every other step clanked and though it was just past midnight, Jean worried he’d stir the others. The absence of lights in other houses comforted him. Jean mentally repeated, and at times his mouth moved with the thought, the name he was looking for: “John Allen Cross.” He had engraved the name into his soul before he left, but couldn’t bare to have the name leave his tongue.

On the outskirts of town was the cemetery and Jean, having no confrontation along the way, arrived shortly after departing his own home. Headstone by headstone Jean read names of multiple men named John, and stopped a moment to read the epitaph of a…

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The Devil is in the Details

Flash 365


We were too drunk to drive home. So, we drove to Denny’s.

We settle ourselves at a table. It is red, raw from the endless scraping of plaster plates and cheap silverware. Harry looks around.

“Denny’s is where the devil goes to take a shit, I’m sure of it,” he says, eyeing a group of men in stained white T-shirts speaking Spanish in the corner. I roll my eyes. A waitress approaches the table.

She is old, molded from the innards of a grease trap and baptized in sour black coffee. She doesn’t ask, but we give our orders anyways. She takes our menus and leaves us.

She is back in a disturbingly short amount of time. Harry looks down at his food.

“You know,” he says, picking a pancake up between two fingers, “it is a clear cut sign that someone is off. I mean, if you ask ‘where’d…

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Short Story Sunday: One Night

Vampire Maman

Andy opened his eyes. His head was still in tact, or at least he imagined it hadn’t completely exploded.

She’d called his name then jumped in his lap, knocking over the chair he was sitting in. As he tried to move he discovered his hair was caught under the top of the chair back. Someone pulled Taylor off of him, and helped him up.

“Yes, I’m fine,” he said to everyone who asked.

Taylor, a small young woman with a black bob and a quick smile, was fighting back tears. Andy figured at least three if not four fingers were broken, and maybe some other bones in her beautiful delicate hands.

He kissed her hand. Some of the pain went away. Then he slipped her six fresh one hundred dollar bills.

“This should cover your deductible and any other expenses tonight. Call me tomorrow and let me know how you’re…

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