J.R Gets a Little Chippy

Basketball Greatness

In case you missed the rather boring game between the Cleveland Caveliers and the Miami Heat in which the Cavs sat LeBron and Kyrie, you did miss one thing that happened just as the game was nearing a close.

Let’s take a look…..

J.R Smith (not even dressed for the game), says what I imagine were very colorful words to opposing player Rodney McGruder, and then eventually turning his words to Dion Waiters as well. So why did J.R go off like he did? Well, McGruder decided he would taunt the Cavs by smacking Channing Frye on the back after he dunked over the top of him. It was a clear smack and definitely unsportsmanlike!

In my opinion, J.R did what any good teammate would do! He stuck up for his brothers. Your team is down by 30 points, and the other team (who isn’t that great anyways) decides to…

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