Picture Battle… This one’s turning into a War!

Cyranny's cove

Ok…  I have a feeling I am going to lose the respect of some very talented and intelligent people who thought I was someone somewhat intellectual, and capable of writing serious stuff….

But I am a Mini Wheat, and today is frosted side time! (no… no that kind of “frosted”… *sigh*)


Now… This morning, Kelley started it by publishing a post about fun cats & dogs memes. I swear, she started, I never would have thought about doing anything like this if she hadn’t provoked me… Ok, ok, she didn’t exactly challenge me, per say, but the little voice in my head told me it was a good way to give OM a break, and hopefully, I could get Momma to join the battle, and it would be a great cat fight (cat memes, remember? Not, me, Kelley and Momma fighting in the mudd… Awww you silly Lovelies!!)

What I

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