Catch More Flies with Vinegar Than Honey


Vinegar is having a moment right now, bolstered by the rising popularity of experimental pickling, increasingly sour drinks, and infused dressings. Perhaps it’s the natural reaction to being saturated in sweetness from morning to night, a palate cleanser in between sugary snacks and unbalanced entrees, that’s driving the trend. Whatever the case may be, it’s hardly an innovative thought; early American pioneers were hip to the vinegar hype way before it was cool.

Imagine those cold, dark days, before refrigeration was even a wild dream, when seasonal fruits were far from reach but demands for dessert were still as urgent as ever. Reach into the cupboard and pull out the first viable flavoring agent, and undoubtedly, you’d find a bottle of good old white vinegar in your hand. Blended into a simple, creamy custard and set inside a golden brown crust, classic vinegar pie is a study in careful contrasts…

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Mini Key Lime Tarts

I wasn’t going to post this recipe because I totally baked the crust for too long on these when I made them. And I was disappointed and frustrated especially because the  key lime filling tur…

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CUSTARD COOKIES (In Pressure Cooker)

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This Egg less, Wheat flour short breads are amazing in taste. Melt in mouth, soft , delicious and a perfect Tea-time partner.. Kids will love this healthy cookies with milk or even in snack box.

IMG-20170910-WA0008_wm Wheat Custard Cookies

Share this cookies with your friends as a token of love in upcoming festival season…

When my little one back from school , she loves to munch something or other. In stead of offering daily fried snacks , I feel this cookies are good option. One can check other delicious cookies recipes, which I already posted on blog …Wheat coconut cookies,Wheat Cumin Cookies,Choco Vanilla Cookies, Jam Filled Star Cookies,Wheat flour Nan Khatai,Wheat Almond Cookies, TuttiFutti Nut Cookies….

Here , I will show how to make cookies in pressure cooker. But one can bake easily in microwave too. Preheat the microwave…

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Unfair Trade: Muffins for Tobacco


Are muffins bread? Are they cakes? Are they supposed to be eaten for breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert, or all of the above?


Are muffins really cupcakes without frosting? Thomas Jefferson thought so, and called muffins “a luxury to us.” Today, you can get a recipe for Monticello Muffins at  But those are not American muffins, tall, soft inside, but with a crispy crust. They are English muffins, yeast-based and flat. Still, in the colonies, they were a novelty and a luxury.  In England, though, they probably arrived from Wells together with the most miserly and avaricious, as well as the most unlikely king who won the throne by defeating King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Poor Richard, much maligned in history, hadn’t been able to trade his kingdom for a horse and ended up forfeiting the crown together with life.

Henry Tudor, or Harri Tudur

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Berry cake roll

Recipes by chefkreso

Cake roll, jelly roll, cream roll or Swiss roll is an easy sponge cake filled with fruit, icing, jam or whipped cream. Even though the name suggests the cake originated from Switzerland it is believed that it originated in Austria in the 19th century. The first mention of a cake roll was actually in a journal published in Utica, New York in 1852. As the name changed for it over the years so did the number of new recipes emerge. Now it seems like every country has its own version of a cake roll, but the most famous is the Christmas log.

Nothing is better than eating cake in the summer, ok maybe eating ice cream, but still cooled down refreshing cake on a patio or in a patisserie will really set your mind at ease while you’re melting in the sun. Nowadays I’m just thinking on which cake to…

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