Daily Post Jolly

A night on the town

The rain descended,

Set up the brolly

She was having a jolly dancing

What’s more, singing in the rain.





Daily Two Word Prompt Beautiful Soul

In your heart there is a stream

That streams so quiet and still

In your eyes there I see a light

That sparkles like the sun

Beautiful soul lovely soul

Awesome light inside thy eyes

I feel my heart raising as I look at your eyes

Your eyes, your eyes loaded with light

Leads the route to your spirit



Daily two word prompt So Lucky

At the point when life appears to be unjustifiable and questionable,

some way or another you have the capacity

to facilitate the misery and

influence me to feel as though

everything will be alright.

You have an astonishing measure of quality

that helps me through the unpleasant circumstances

what’s more, an awesome comical inclination

that can transform the attacks grins.

Knowing you’re close by,

realizing that I have you to incline toward,

realizing that you will dependably be there,

gives me comfort.

I am so lucky to have you in my life

I am honored .