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Grab the recipe for this incredible Greek Salad with Salmon with the best oregano vinaigrette, crispy salmon on top and tons of feta cheese!

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Speedy Indian Salmon Curry

Exhausted after a long day, with little energy or inclination to cook a complex dish that involves lots of marinating and blending? We’ve all been there right? Well this curry works a treat and literally takes 15 minutes to prepare and cook.  It’s a staple dish in my household and is always guaranteed to raise spirits and a smile. I’ve been cooking it for 20 years so felt it would be a good one to share with you all. I have used salmon but you can equally use trout or any firm fish in fact.

I find I use all the spices quite regularly so am guaranteed to have them in the house. My fridge also always has fresh ginger and curry leaves, which are either kept in my fridge of freezer (so I don’t get caught out). Same goes for fresh chillies.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at…

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For 4:

–salmon (size of 4 decks of cards, 1 pound)

–orange zest (1 teaspoon, bottled)

–orange juice (juice of 1 fresh orange squeezed)

–soy sauce (one-quarter cup, bottled)

–honey (one-quarter cup, bottled)

–ginger (1 teaspoon, bottled)

–minced garlic (1 tablespoon, bottled)

–green onions (fresh, 2, chopped)

–pepper (no salt)

–olive oil

1 – Place the salmon in a covered baking dish with the soy sauce.  Squeeze 1 orange for its juice, atop the salmon.  Season with orange zest, pepper, minced garlic, honey, ginger, and olive oil.  Sprinkle 2 chopped stalks of green onion atop the salmon.

2 – Microwave on high for 7 minutes.  Salmon should be flaky.

3 – Serve the salmon hot.

–salmon adapted from Salmon Recipes (a kindle e-book).

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Roasted Salmon Tacos with Lemon and Feta Cream Sauce

What's for Dinner Moms?

My postings have been a bit sporadic lately. I am posting entirely from my phone or tablet since my laptop died two weeks ago. This is such a minor thing in the scheme of life but it is entirely frustrating to me as it takes so much longer to create a post and I don’t have the same capability to edit my photos. So you get the raw pictures of my plate.

My family loves salmon and I don’t make it nearly often enough. This is such a simple meal that it took about 30 minutes to make and have us seated at the table!


This was so very delicious. The salmon was perfectly cooked and the cream sauce added a hint of freshness to the whole dish. We just added some baby spinach leaves to our tacos but you can add whatever you like to yours!

I served…

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