First Page Critique – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

Author Don Massenzio

I chose this month’s first page to explain writing tight. I am a ‘spare writer’, meaning that I cut every unnecessary word, so the read is fast and easy. If a word doesn’t tell the reader something they don’t know in a compelling way, out it goes. I’m not saying that you have to cut as close to the bone as I, but I hope the following example convinces you to trim some unneeded adjectives and ‘filter words’ from your prose. They litter the read – they’re over the top – like the author saying, ‘I really, really mean this’. Your reader trusts that if you say it once, you mean it.

I learn best by seeing transformations in examples, So let’s dig in.

Thank you, brave soul, for trusting me with your work. I hope you find this helpful.

Here’s the original:

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