Daily Post Brave


Be brave

You as of now are

Look what you made due through

The injuries of your past have shut

The apparently perpetual section finished

The dull wounds blurred softly

The fight left you scarred

Your still here

Be brave





5 Fun And Useful Books Of Writing Prompts [NaNoWriMo Prep]

Rachel Poli

How do you prep for NaNo?

Most of the time, when I talk about outlining on this blog, pretty much everyone who comments tells me that they don’t outline at all.

So, how do you exactly prep for NaNo, if you prep at all?

I find that writing prompts are a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

5 useful books of writing prompts

3am Epiphany 

This book by Brian Kiteley is filled with various writing prompts and exercises. Prompts that have to do with point of view, characters, emotions, time, and much more. It’s really a great read and great practice.

4am Breakthrough 

Like the previous book, this one, also by Brian Kiteley has more great prompts and exercises. The themes around the prompts are a little different. These exercises have to do with various themes in writing such as love or death. It also goes deeper into friends and family as…

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