5 Acts of Mental Discipline to Maintain the Positive Mindset Success Requires

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https://gerald-pilcher.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/20180503143812-GettyImages-557715941.jpeg Entrepreneurship will knock you off kilter once in awhile. You need a plan for dealing with it. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly pushing the envelope, growing and developing ourselves, and creating new […] Seemingly out of nowhere, we can find ourselves dealing with a slew of negative emotions. Overwhelm. Scarcity. Insecurity. Stress. Just to name a few. Sure, riding the ups and downs is part of the excitement of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. But we all know that we are mor

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Daily Prompt: Rebel

The Bag Lady

Marion is not your ordinary, run of the mill mother, grandmother. She is what used to be referred to as a rebel. Having her son visit frequently was nice, having him accompany her to the market was nice, but what Marion was looking for was, you guessed it, a lover. She perused the neighborhood for any new available men. She was determined not to spend her last days alone.

It was at a time of forlorn loneliness she noticed Mr. Tannenbaum watching her at the flower shop. He was a looker, even being, she surmised, much older than she. Mr. Tannenbaum came calling one day at tea time, four o’clock. He arrived dressed well, with a bouquet of daisies, her favorite. From then on, every third day he visited again. This was the type of courtship reminiscent of her youth, and she fell in love. She assumed he had…

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Daily Prompt: Rebel

New Ideas And Inspirations

What is a rebel? Is it what society
dictates when someone decides to
get off the worn path of what is
best according to someone else.

What is a rebel? Is it someone breaking
free of the old way of doing things to
embrace what life is really meant to

What is a rebel? Is it someone wishing to
know themselves despite what religion
had voices their displeasure is such

What is a rebel? Is it someone who questions
despite being told not to question? If we are be
rebels because we don’t fit the status quo, let
us bring about the change needed.

Rebels of change. Change from a place of
heart space and harmony. From such place
can only cultivate more of the same.

Rebels of harmony.
Rebels of balance.
Rebels of the heart.

Daily Prompt: Rebel

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Arrowhead Freelance and Publishing

He felt the cool ocean waves engulf his feet sinking him deeper into the sandy shore. The cozy beach house rested behind him with only the reflection of moonlight against it’s thin window panes. The movement of sand with each incoming tide tickled his feet, a momentary distraction from his immediate dilemma. He studied his past and remembered the moment he fell to Earth. He was once a guardian angel of the highest order. Celestial beings are created to serve and disobedience requires the greatest sacrifice of repentance.

He could still feel Anora’s delicate fingers trace the jagged scars on his back. Her hands seemed to pause on each boney ridge as if to acknowledge their once proud heritage as wings. Those hands would glide up towards his neck braking at his jawline. She followed each crease, and weathered crack around his lips from his near 2000 years on Earth…

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