Three Ways Canva Can Help with Your Writing Business

byKay Vandette

You don’t have to be a graphic design artist to take advantage of the online program Canva. Even if you don’t have a drop of artistic talent, if you’re a freelance writer trying to …

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd: In search of breakfast

The Silent Eye

We were surprised to find that breakfast would not be forthcoming. While we could, undoubtedly, have booked it separately, it was almost a matter of principle not to do so. I consider it cheating to neither include the meal in the price, nor to signal its omission in big bold letters where you can’t fail to see it when you book. In fact, although their advertisement mentions that they do provide a cooked breakfast, I have yet to find where it says that it is not included… Which all meant that we got a very early start on the day as we did not have to hang around waiting for service. We downed a banana and a coffee apiece, then headed out into the mist instead…and were very glad we had.

We pulled over at the first lay-by to get a picture of the mountains, wreathed in cloud and looking…

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Barred Owl Fishing

Now that I know what he is looking for focusing on his next perch should be easier. Getting in flight shots in this thicker swamp is not easy. Everything imaginable is in the way.

Barred Owl Fishing - Click To Enlarge Barred Owl Fishing – Click To Enlarge

Barred Owl Fishing - Click To Enlarge Barred Owl Fishing – Click To Enlarge

With luck perhaps I will be able to anticipate which over hangs he favors. The Crayfish are along the underwater roots of Cypress trees here. I will keep that in mind next time I spot him

Barred Owl Fishing - Click To Enlarge Barred Owl Fishing – Click To Enlarge

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Day 328-Flash Fiction Friday-Hookah Heaven

Kimmy's Patio

Smokey tendrils reached the ceiling and the pulsing music pounded in his head as he watched the beautiful belly dancer swaying in front of him and his pals on the dance floor. She was barefoot, curvy, and exotic, filling his head with all kinds of ideas as he puffed away on his hose of the shared hookah. His pals and he were enjoying some Strawberry Margarita flavored tobacco in their hookah at one of the premier hookah spots in the city. This was the favored place for feeling at home, now that he was in America. The Egyptian decor and the sights, smells, and music reminded him so much of his home. The year was 2005 and they had been stateside for about three months. Now that he was twenty two, he was free to hang out with his friends when he wasn’t on he job, so he meant for…

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