The Mysterious Death of a Sorority Sister

The pledge process for joining a sorority can be grueling. For some, it’s a process filled with anxiety and self-doubt. For others, it’s a process of belittling and bullying those who are trying to join. No one knows this better than Sara Price.

As a sorority sister, Sara was known for her cruel treatment of pledges. But when Sara is found dead, it’s clear that her bullying ways caught up with her.

When the police find Sara Price’s body, it’s clear that her bullying ways have caught up with her. She has been brutally murdered, and the only suspect is one of her sorority pledges.

The police have a hard time finding any evidence to support their theory, but eventually, they piece together enough to prove that the pledge is indeed the killer.

They find that she was bully her sorority pledges and that she had been receiving death threats. The police believe that the pledge killed Sara in order to get revenge for the way she was treated.

The pledge is arrested and charged with Sara’s murder. She is found guilty and is sentenced to prison.

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