Peanut And Lime Chicken Wings

In my house the boys go through real fads with what they will eat on their toast! One of them went through a spell where lime marmalade was his spread of choice but it has gone out of favour so I w…

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Stuffed mushrooms

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There are many ways to prepare stuffed mushrooms, from using different ingredients for the filling, to preparing them in a vegetable based sauce. I’ve prepared them through the years many times and I try to use different filling every time I do, so this is one of my favourite versions you can try out. It’s a fairly simple one, using beef mince, bell pepper and bacon with lovely seasoning, and what wouldn’t be delicious with a bit of bacon, for all of you who aren’t vegan or vegetarian of course!

I’ve already posted a number of recipes using mushrooms, that are both a great idea for lunch, as well as for dinner. You can check them out and pick which one you like best?

Fried chicken, mushrooms & mashed potatoes Fried chicken drumsticks, oyster mushrooms, mashed potatoes & tartar sauce

Steak in mushroom sauce & gnocchi Steak in mushroom sauce & gnocchi

Mushroom risotto Mushroom risotto (Vegetarian)

baked-pork-chops-with-pumpkin-and-oyster-mushrooms Baked pork chops with pumpkin & oyster…

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Country Sausage and Biscuits

What's for Dinner Moms?

First, I want to thank all of you that took the time to say you were thinking or praying for my family. My mother came home from the hospital and is now getting stronger. Her heart rate seems to be under control, she could not feel it racing up to 160 beats per minute so it is hard to gauge until she goes to the doctor tomorrow. Hoping that my daughter and I will be back home by Wednesday. Again, thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

Now,‏ this is something that my family was very reluctant to try. Usually we saw it at buffets for breakfasts where it was kind of a gray gelatinous blob to spoon over some slightly hard biscuits. I didn’t blame them for not wanting to try it, I didn’t want to try it!

But, I kept thinking a certain section of the population…

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Pumpkin Muffins

What's for Dinner Moms?

While I am taking care of my family I have a few recipes in reserve that are family favorites. I hope you enjoy.

You may already know I am NOT a fan of the pumpkin spice overload. I think it is way overdone and I especially don’t like the artificial pumpkin taste and smell in many items. Don’t get me wrong I love pumpkin just not the over saturation of fake pumpkin.


These muffins were super moist and delicious. This recipe made 15 large muffins. They were perfect for breakfast and on the run snacks.

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